About Us

We solve advanced computing problems for enterprise IT

Computing, often referred to as the "brain" of modern society, is an indispensable driving force behind human civilization's continuous advancement. Recent years have borne witness to a remarkable evolution within the realm of computing, characterized by the emergence of "Intelligent Computing" or "Deep Computing". We have build this foundation on the same philosophy that by bringing the top brains from community, we can solve advanced computing problems. This novel computing paradigm stands as a revolutionary force, significantly reshaping the conventional landscape of computing, and acting as a catalyst for the ongoing digital transformation in the age of big data, artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Meaverse and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Couant envison a multidimensional shift encompassing new computing theories, architectures, methods, systems, and applications. It transcends the confines of conventional computing, extending its reach from traditional data processing to an expansive, dynamic spectrum of possibilities.

Couant area of focus are : GenerativeAI, Blockchain, Human Computer Interaction and Artificial Integration.